Our Program

One of Franklin’s central goals is to provide staff and students with a safe school environment where they can learn and work without fear. Students don’t do well at school when they fear rejection or mistreatment by peers or adults. To set the expectations for the Franklin Family, all members are required to review and sign the following safe school culture agreement:

I understand that a safe school culture is one which guarantees that students and staff feel safe physically, emotionally, socially, and academically because both students and staff obligate themselves to treat one another in a way that makes each other feel appreciated and valued as an individual. A safe school culture requires community members to actively foster the values of: respect, responsibility, accountability, tolerance, and service to the community.

I accept my obligation to contribute to the Franklin safe school culture by always:

  • Treating others with tolerance and respect regardless of our differences and beliefs
  • Treating Franklin School with loyalty and respect by
    not bringing drugs or alcohol onto school property,
    not being under the influence of drugs or alcohol at school,
    not bringing weapons of any kind on school property,
    and not supporting or resorting to harassment, intimidation, or violence.